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Ein Foto der Munich Supercrew - sie helfen dabei Deutsch mit Musik zu lernen


We help your students to learn German with music. 

Musicians, music teachers and didactics - that's the Munich Supercrew

The Munich Supercrew is a team made up of experts, which has set itself the goal of teaching teachers the German language with music to support.

Ein Teamfoto der Munich Supercrew - Deutsch mit Musik lernen
Pop Art: Musik zum Mitchmachen und Deutschlernen


What the Munich Supercrew offers:

Songs and teaching material for learning German with music:

With our music and the associated compileddocumentsyou can supplement your German lessons and give your students a entertaining variety with a learning effectoffer. 

All songs and materials are specific, specified level of German customized and designed to make it easy for you to choose what's right for you and your students. We the Munich super crew, would like to make learning German with music available and easier for a large number of people. Browse through our material and download the content for free, which are helpful for your lessons. 

Participation concerts with the
Munich Supercrew:

Ours offer a very special experience participation concerts. We are happy to hold these live or online for your students. Learning German with music couldn't be more active! We involve the students in our concert, they sing with us, dance and thus develop their German level in a playful way. Our music stays in mind and your students will be singing our songs to themselves days later - and with the songs also the learning content! Feel free to get an impression of our concerts and offer your students one musical, fun and educational experience with a participation concert Munich Supercrew.

Workshops for learning German with music:

We offer you various workshops full of music, fun and action for you and your students. 
You can choose to self as teaching staff learn more about teaching with music in the course of further training or a workshop for your Students would like to take advantage of, in which they learn German with music. From art in DaF lessons to intensive workshops to writing your own song, there is something for everyone. You and your students will be using one sense of achievement from the each workshop of Munich Supercrew walk!

Learning German with music from the Munich Supercrew is more efficient and fun:

Die Stimulation des Gehirns durch das Deutsch lernen mit Musik mithilfe der Munich Supercrew

Music stays
in memory

It has been proven that the brain learns faster and longer with the help of melodies. That's why we, the Munich Supercrew, help students learn German effectively and successfully with music.

Die Musik der Munich Supercrew ist an die Deutsch Sprachniveaus angepasst. Das zeigt dieser Icon der Munich Supercrew

Lyrics adapted to language levels

Each language level requires a different know-how. That's why our music is always tailored to a certain level of German and the required content.

Eine Medaille - denn der Erfolg des Deutsch lernen mit Musik durch die Munich Supercrew ist bestätigt

Learning with music
Success is confirmed

The Munich Supercrew has many years of experience in learning German with music. We have already worked with institutions such as the Goethe Institute, numerous publishers, the ZfA and the Federal Foreign Office. 

The intuition of the Munich Supercrew

Get to know and love the German language with simple songs! The Munich Supercrew consists of great people who work together on a project close to their hearts. We want to make learning German with music an experience, because a common language is the first step for better communication, for tolerance, empathy and inclusion. The Munich Supercrew is more than a band, it is a team of musicians, didacticians and artists. We offer: Livestream hands-on concerts and songs for German learners at A1 and A2 levels (and sometimes B1 levels) including teaching material and training for teachers. And we guarantee it's fun!

Pat Geh


"Vielen Dank, liebe Munich Supercrew! Ich benutze eure Lieder und das Material dazu sehr gerne in meinem Unterricht. Meine SchülerInnen singen sie gerne mit :)"

Dotty The First


"Eure Songs mit den Arbeitsmaterialien sind fantastisch. Vielen, vielen Dank! Meine Schüler:innen summen immer wieder das eine oder andere Lied...  Gerade meine A1 Gruppe braucht viel kreativen Input. Morgen kommt 'Alle Farben' dran. Danach werden bunte Sterne als Deko gebastelt. Perfekt!"

Victoria Baeza


"Eure Lieder sind großartig für junge Menschen. Sie sprechen sie sehr gut an und sind für das Anfängerniveau geeignet, was nicht leicht zu finden ist. Vielen Dank, dass ihr den Deutschlernenden bei ihren Anfängen helft!"