DaF in a different way: With cool beats and simple German lyrics, the Munich Supercrew makes your students sing and dance. You just have to join in and have fun at the concerts of the supercrew! The live program offers German-language songs at A1 and A2 levels and many hands-on elements. Of course, we also offer our hands-on concerts via stream live from the MSC studio via Zoom, Facebook Live, etc.!

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The best thing about it: Your students will have a sense of achievement because they can understand a lot and sing along. The lyrics are written for beginners - they will also be projected onto a screen during the concert. The concerts of the Munich Supercrew motivate the students to sing and dance along.



The digital concerts are professionally produced in the "MSC living room studio" with 3 cameras in full HD and in concert sound quality. They can be broadcast live via video platforms such as Zoom, Youtube, Facebook or similar. The students and German teachers have the opportunity to get in touch with the musicians during the concert using the chat function. These process chat comments either in their raps or answer questions between the listed pieces. A question-and-answer session with the musicians can also be arranged by prior arrangement.  


With cool melodies and simple German lyrics, the Munich Supercrew gets the audience to sing and dance in front of the PC. At the concerts and workshops of the supercrew, participating and having fun is not only allowed, but encouraged!