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The Munich Supercrew consists of musicians, didacticians and artists who offer hands-on concerts and workshops for German learners and German teachers.


The team is supported by musicians from the Munich band EINSHOCH6, who have already given concerts and workshops around the world. Workshops and hands-on concerts can be realized in flexible team sizes.

Ein Portrait von Michie aus der Munich Supercrew


Kurt is a rapper, beatboxer and graphic artist. He works as a creative conceptioner for an online company. At MUNICH SUPERCREW he designs workshop concepts, creates storyboards for music videos and, together with Shirin, leads the training courses for teachers and workshops for students. His energy is contagious in the classroom and on stage. Further skills: video editing, social media.


Michie is a singer, lyricist and co-producer with the Munich Supercrew - for him there is nothing better than the exchange between the audience and the band. No matter if calm acoustic sounds or fat beats, Michie is at home in music. Further skills: As a music teacher, he teaches at a Montessori school in Munich from the 2nd to the 9th grade.

Ein Portrait von Carl Amadeus aus der Munich Supercrew


Amadeus has more than 15 years of touring experience as the manager and drummer of Einshoch6 - no particular tour request from the remotest corner of the world can upset him. MUNICH SUPERCREW is his A-Team - he loves it when his plan works. Live he provides the fat beats on stage. Further skills: As a cameraman and editor, he is responsible for the music videos and live streams.

Ein Portrait von Shirin aus der Munich Supercrew


Shirin studied German and German as a foreign language in Bonn and worked for more than ten years as editor and project manager for German learning formats for Deutsche Welle's educational programs. In Munich she works in political education. Her heart beats for MUNICH SUPERCREW because she wants to get people excited about German and loves music. She writes song texts at A1 level, designs workshops and training courses and, together with Kurt, writes the scripts for music videos. Further skills: filming and photography.

Ein Portrait von Basti aus der Munich Supercrew


Sebastian is the keyboard player of the MUNICH SUPERCREW - his trademark: the red keytar that flies with him through the world and is there on every stage. Together with Amadeus he is responsible for organizing the tours. Further skills: As a trained piano and harpsichord maker, you can ensure the right mood.




Ein Portrait von Kurt aus der Munich Supercrew
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